A Fresh Start

On April 14th, someone who is going by the name of “Nico” has hacked my online business. This hacker must be very tortured inside to want to do this. (S)he not only was able to get into my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email accounts, but also managed to take over my website. The hacker deleted seven years of work. Seven years blogging, creating content, my website, my reviews/testimonials, etc. Besides the effect this will have on my SEO, it was really disheartening to see the words “f*** off” as the only thing left on my website. At first it was just a shock, but I realize I have a choice in how I respond. I can either play the victim, or just rise up even better than ever before! I choose the latter. I’m really excited to be able to start over, this hacker has given me a great gift! I now have more motivation, drive, desire and passion to get my website looking amazing again, sharing more content, and creating a whole new following of people that I will know personally from the start. Also this has given me time to rethink my branding, and find out what I really want to offer, and what I do not. Thank you for your patience in this transitioning time!


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