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Wedding Date
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Wedding Ceremony & Reception Address(s)
Is there anything I could do that would accidentally offend anyone, unknowingly, that I should be aware of, or research before wedding?
Ex. "No flash allowed" "We want those "sparkler" photos" "We LOVE black & white, etc."
What kind of photos do YOU like? *
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A grandparent who may not be around much longer, or someone traveling from far away.
Photos of you both alone AND then with friends/family. Please be as descriptive as possible when & where these photos will take place.
Or what do you love most about your soon to be spouse? :)
You can copy + paste links, send me your boards & saved photos, or leave the creativity entirely up to me.
Which of the following are most important to you once all is said and done?
You can always change this later.
Feel free to share your preferred price spending range!
If a friend referred you, let me know so I can send them a gift!
Prints, Enlargements, Albums, etc.