Taylor & JT the Horse

Taylor & JT the Horse

Want to see some of the most beautiful images of a girl and her horse? Look no further. 
Taylor and her horse, JT are absolutely adorable together, and even though he did get spooked and ran away during this photo shoot, the results are nothing less than soft sweet imagery. 

Shot at Marshall Farms in San Luis Obispo, California. 

Time to let the cat out of the bag!

Time to let the cat out of the bag!

I have some secrets. Secrets that are about to become revealed truths. 

First, I'll reveal the reason why I haven't had any blog posts, social media posts of interesting or beautiful images, stories, or even that I am alive and in business! 

Well, for everyone who was keeping up with my blog posts, work, and my adventures, I apologize about the MIA behavior, but I was never really missing. In fact, (here's secret #1), I was choosing to not miss out on a single thing my firstborn daughter, Josephina was doing. 

I didn't stop doing anything I had done before. I kept working, I kept running, I didn't' lose passion, ideas, or zeal for my own life, in fact all those things grew even deeper than I realized possible. 

But now that I have learned how to be a mom and a full time destination photographer, I will again commence showing off all the beautiful places I am blessed to travel and capture some of the most memorable and spectacular events in some people's lives. I have a whole year's worth (and probably more...) of archived photos that are awaiting to be shared. I have seemingly endless amounts of information, tips, inspirational words, and some more revealing to do moving forward.

For now, please enjoy this heartwarming photo of me and my girl Jo looking over Pismo Beach, California on a morning hike. :-) 

Ysabella Jones and Daughter, Josephina in Pismo Beach, California Hike

Photo Credit: Gretchen Clark

Nashville, Tennessee Family // Mike, Andrea, and Catherine

Nashville, Tennessee Family // Mike, Andrea, and Catherine

Andrea, her husband Mike, their daughter, Catherine, along with Lexie, their dog greeted me on the step of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. I was just able to squeeze their session in before going back home to California, where ironically enough, they had just moved from! They both work at Vanderbilt while Mike finishes his fellowship, but hope to move back to Southern California when the time is right. Catherine, their 1 year old daughter is so precious. When something has caught her attention, peaking her interest, she examines the world with an intent curiosity, while also being quite cautious before sailing onward. She is incredibly sweet, and listens to her mommy & daddy, as well as adores them. We captured plenty of kisses, hugs, laughs, twirls, as well as making sure to break for snack time. Surrounded by green grass and autumn leaves, Catherine was most content as she was hand-in-hand with mommy & daddy, tiptoeing through the tulips. She giggled out when her daddy lifted her high up into the sky, but her giggles only increased in anticipation as she walked step by step closer to her mommy's arms. The precious little girl even assisted me in taking a few photos! We would line up the composition just right, making sure to capture the best angle possible of her two favorite people, of course. And lastly, one couldn't forget Lexie, their tiny furry member of their family. A mix of two breeds made for one cutie creation of a dog. Unlike some small dogs that appear nervous and shakey while yapping endlessly, Lexie presented herself as a classy little lady. She seemingly was determined to do what she thought was best at any given time, although had no objections when held and snuggled by her first love, Andrea. They were united nine years (yes, Lexie is nine years old- so awesome!) ago in Southern Cal.

I greatly enjoyed the afternoon in Nashville, now that spring is turning to fall, all of my favorite seasonal events are beginning in the heart of Music City. 


Happy Birthday, Ashley Stevens! // Our Nashville, Tennessee Hair & Makeup Artist

Happy [belated] Birthday to Ashley Stevens! 

Ashley is our amazing Hair & Make Up Artist for all clients in Nashville and surrounding areas. This lady is so incredibly sweet with such a huge heart, and amazing personality. I met her when she was pregnant, when she contacted me to capture her maternity photos on the farm of our mutual friend, Kitt. Immediately I admired her beautifully unique style, and while I would've never imagined we'd one day be working together, I am so thankful to now represent a professional who isn't afraid to try new things. Staying in the box is for those who don't mind a cardboard flavored life. Without a doubt, Ashley carries herself with variety, and individuality, to which she brings into her work. After a session with Ashley, you will not only walk away feeling entirely satisfied by being heard & understood, but you'll be amazed. Ashley knows there's more to her career than just going through the motions, so you'll find that she also searches for and accentuates the unique beauty in every person. 

Sometimes all women need is a little guidance in what to put where, to bring out their inner beauty. I like to be a part of their journey in discovering self esteem and confidence.
— -Ashley Stevens

If you would like to hire Ashley, or inquire about her services, feel free to contact myself or find Ashley's contact form on our "About" page

I could give it the old "better late than never" gimmick, but not only do find cliches distasteful, I feel birthdays are too special and I truly should've shared this post yesterday.
Regardless, I do hope Ashley had an amazing birthday, and I look forward to many more years collaborating as artists.