Truly a day filled with so much love, joy and celebration! The energy this group of friends and family carried with them was so full! Full of laughter, having fun, and enjoying the moment they were in with the people they love. Natasha called me just a few days before I met her at San Francisco City Hall, right in the center of San Francisco, California to photograph the elopement with her now husband, Bruno. Bruno is from Brazil, which is where his mother has already planned a spectacular wedding for them, set to happen in a few months. However, they wanted to get hitched before the bigger celebration, so I quickly gathered all the details, and off we went to San Francisco!  

Natasha is from Russia, and one beautiful woman. Bruno suites her perfectly. Actually their entire wedding party suites them, as they are all quite beautiful as well, and so lively. 

The ceremony went by quickly, but had a moment that made the bride’s heart skip a beat. The ring bearer handed her the rings, only for her to find that they were not in their box. However, it only lasted a short second before he quickly put his other hand out to give her the rings. A brave move, I must say. However it was definitely something to laugh about later. Following the ceremony, the couple had hired After Hours Limo Service for a limo, and five SUV’s to comfortably transport all of us to some beautiful & sentimental spots in San Francisco.

First, we stopped at Fisherman’s Wharf to capture photos of the entire wedding party on a cable car. Followed by a quick walk up hill to the Blazing Saddles Bike Rental Shop, where Bruno and Natasha met!

Before we took off again, I hopped in the limo, where the party had already started. Champagne, good music, and good company made for a great trip despite the traffic, over the Oakland Bay Bridge to Treasure Island. It was chilly, and the wind had picked up, but that didn’t stop anyone from wanting to make more and more photos, making it so easy to photograph their entire wedding party in under 10 minutes, a record I’ve got to say. 

The afternoon turned into evening as we left Treasure Island and made our way to Kearney St, to celebrate the newlywed’s day at Topsy’s Bar. 

P.S. There are two  Kearney St.'s in SFO….make sure you type in the proper zip code when GPS’ing it. Otherwise you’ll end up 20 minutes like my Jeffrey did. Whoops!