I have some secrets. Secrets that are about to become revealed truths. 

First, I'll reveal the reason why I haven't had any blog posts, social media posts of interesting or beautiful images, stories, or even that I am alive and in business! 

Well, for everyone who was keeping up with my blog posts, work, and my adventures, I apologize about the MIA behavior, but I was never really missing. In fact, (here's secret #1), I was choosing to not miss out on a single thing my firstborn daughter, Josephina was doing. 

I didn't stop doing anything I had done before. I kept working, I kept running, I didn't' lose passion, ideas, or zeal for my own life, in fact all those things grew even deeper than I realized possible. 

But now that I have learned how to be a mom and a full time destination photographer, I will again commence showing off all the beautiful places I am blessed to travel and capture some of the most memorable and spectacular events in some people's lives. I have a whole year's worth (and probably more...) of archived photos that are awaiting to be shared. I have seemingly endless amounts of information, tips, inspirational words, and some more revealing to do moving forward.

For now, please enjoy this heartwarming photo of me and my girl Jo looking over Pismo Beach, California on a morning hike. :-) 

Ysabella Jones and Daughter, Josephina in Pismo Beach, California Hike

Photo Credit: Gretchen Clark