Aahdya is a beautiful little girl, with the sweetest parents. She is apart of one of the most kind, generous, and truly loving communities I've ever seen. I was honored (and truly ecstatic) to photograph her first birthday. Let me say, this wasn't just your average everyday normal first birthday party. It was full of incredibly beautiful colors, the best (Indian, of course) food, happy families and people everywhere, and the outfits. Oh the outfits! People from India just know.how.to.do.it.up! I just adore their outfits. Aahdya had a few outfit changes at her party, making her quite a fashionable birthday girl. The party was held inside the dance room of Roots Academy in Franklin, Tennessee- an awesome location that I'd hadn't checked out yet, but definitely a great place with a great mission. 

Enjoy their photos!