While every single wedding is different, from cultural traditions, the couples preferences, and just down to the time allotted on the big day, it can be difficult to give one specific wedding day timeline that works for everyone. However, when you're planning your wedding day schedule, here are some things to keep in mind, and hopefully can help you decide which details and moments are most important to capture, because as cliche as it sounds the day truly does fly by. 


Rings, the dress, shoes, bouquet, gifts, etc. 

If you would like these type of images to be included, one way to make sure we capture each detail, it is advised to have someone designated (usually maid of honor, bridesmaid, mom, etc) to gather all of the items, and have them ready for us when we arrive. We shoot these items usually first, and takes around 30 minutes at most. 


Hair & Makeup, Bridesmaids, Getting into Dress, etc.

This can take around an hour, if not longer. During this time, we begin getting close ups of the makeup and hair being applied as well as the candid moments of the bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready for the day. It's important to remember that some of the most emotional and fun times happen here, so you should try not to rush it. The lead shooter stays with the bride, while the second shooter shoots the groom. It doesn't usually take the men long to get ready, but there are some great moments between the groom and his family and friends to be captured. 


Portraits of everyone in the wedding party, family and friends

Immediately after everyone has gotten ready, whether the couple has opted in for a first look or not, we try to get individual portraits of the bride, groom, and everyone who is in the wedding. If everyone is together and ready to be photographed, we can do everyone in about 30 minutes.


Optional time before wedding ceremony for bride & groom to see each other without distraction. 

If you do opt to do a first look before the ceremony, it won't take long for you both to see each other, however this is truly a great time to photograph you both while you're fresh, alone, and where some of our favorite images are shot (besides the couple photos we take after ceremony. So even if you have chosen to say no to a first look, we will still capture BEAUTIFUL images of you both, just later in the day. Depending on how much time we have, we can capture first look images in less than 10 minutes or shoot for up to 45 minutes.  


Capturing venue and details set for the ceremony.  

Please allow 30 minutes for us to arrive before you are schedule to arrive so that we can capture the details of anything set in place of importance (sand, bibles, decoration, architecture, location, etc) followed by guests arriving, and if you'd like we can capture your arrival as well. No matter how long the ceremony is, we'll be there every moment capturing everything from the exchanging of vows, to the guests tearing up, laughing, and other moments you may have missed otherwise. 


Images of you both, alone and just married! 

If you prefer these photos can take place right after immediately family, as most guests would rather get their photos taken so they can go have cocktails, mingle and get some food. Either way, we would really love to have at LEAST 45 minutes set aside for images of just you both, alone or possibly with a friend or two, but no more please. IDEALLY SHORTLY BEFORE SUNSET IS THE MOST DESIRABLE LIGHTING. 

Please let us know if your venue because of the spectacular view of the ocean or the gorgeous vines in the winery, it’s essential to follow this advice in your timeline.


Optional time before wedding ceremony for bride & groom to see each other without distraction. 

We prefer to have an hour to get a variety of poses, beginning with classic traditional arrangements. Then we go for more fun, creative, and royal styled portraits. Followed by individual portraits of you both with each bridesmaid and groomsmen. This time can be shortened if we capture them earlier in the day. See "Individual Portraits" above. 


Optional time before wedding ceremony for bride & groom to see each other without distraction. 

Immediate Family Photos can take another 45 minutes. It’s important to have additional images with your parents, grandparents, and siblings beyond the basic formal (mentioned in the section below). Plan on 3 minutes per group on average.  So if you have you have 10 groups, schedule in a 30 minute time slot. We also recommend appointing someone to organize each group who knows both sides of the newly joined family pretty well. Anyone who can help round up guests will make this time go by much quicker and more smoothly for all. 


Reception detail, decoration, venue and the optional grand entrance. 

Generally having at least 30 minutes to capture the reception location and guests mingling, and the optional grand entrance of you both is enough to be well prepared. We should definitely be in the know if you have any special planned like a dance, or wedding party doing something out of the ordinary so we can get in place. 


Table shots, dancing, and the final exit of bride and groom. 

Often times, couples go to each table to get a photo with all the guests at that table just to ensure no one gets missed. It's a great way to thank each guest for being there as well. If you are planning on having dancing, we'd love to get shots of everyone having fun. Please let us know if you'll be doing anything like a money dance, choreographed dancing, etc. 

If you plan on cake cutting, this takes about 5 minutes, a garter and bouquet toss takes less than 10 usually, and we just need to know when they're happening, as they don't really require much special planning. If you'd like us to stay until you leave, we'd love to get an exit photo of you. Either sparklers, balloons, candles, or just you both getting away in a limo, we will more than likely need to get out special lighting. 


We love seeing new things at weddings, so please share your ideas with us if you have any cultural traditions, games, dances, etc that you want us to photograph and we would be more than happy to see how we can be at the best vantage point!