Happy [belated] Birthday to Ashley Stevens! 

Ashley is our amazing Hair & Make Up Artist for all clients in Nashville and surrounding areas. This lady is so incredibly sweet with such a huge heart, and amazing personality. I met her when she was pregnant, when she contacted me to capture her maternity photos on the farm of our mutual friend, Kitt. Immediately I admired her beautifully unique style, and while I would've never imagined we'd one day be working together, I am so thankful to now represent a professional who isn't afraid to try new things. Staying in the box is for those who don't mind a cardboard flavored life. Without a doubt, Ashley carries herself with variety, and individuality, to which she brings into her work. After a session with Ashley, you will not only walk away feeling entirely satisfied by being heard & understood, but you'll be amazed. Ashley knows there's more to her career than just going through the motions, so you'll find that she also searches for and accentuates the unique beauty in every person. 

Sometimes all women need is a little guidance in what to put where, to bring out their inner beauty. I like to be a part of their journey in discovering self esteem and confidence.
— -Ashley Stevens

If you would like to hire Ashley, or inquire about her services, feel free to contact myself or find Ashley's contact form on our "About" page

I could give it the old "better late than never" gimmick, but not only do find cliches distasteful, I feel birthdays are too special and I truly should've shared this post yesterday.
Regardless, I do hope Ashley had an amazing birthday, and I look forward to many more years collaborating as artists.