Andrea, her husband Mike, their daughter, Catherine, along with Lexie, their dog greeted me on the step of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. I was just able to squeeze their session in before going back home to California, where ironically enough, they had just moved from! They both work at Vanderbilt while Mike finishes his fellowship, but hope to move back to Southern California when the time is right. Catherine, their 1 year old daughter is so precious. When something has caught her attention, peaking her interest, she examines the world with an intent curiosity, while also being quite cautious before sailing onward. She is incredibly sweet, and listens to her mommy & daddy, as well as adores them. We captured plenty of kisses, hugs, laughs, twirls, as well as making sure to break for snack time. Surrounded by green grass and autumn leaves, Catherine was most content as she was hand-in-hand with mommy & daddy, tiptoeing through the tulips. She giggled out when her daddy lifted her high up into the sky, but her giggles only increased in anticipation as she walked step by step closer to her mommy's arms. The precious little girl even assisted me in taking a few photos! We would line up the composition just right, making sure to capture the best angle possible of her two favorite people, of course. And lastly, one couldn't forget Lexie, their tiny furry member of their family. A mix of two breeds made for one cutie creation of a dog. Unlike some small dogs that appear nervous and shakey while yapping endlessly, Lexie presented herself as a classy little lady. She seemingly was determined to do what she thought was best at any given time, although had no objections when held and snuggled by her first love, Andrea. They were united nine years (yes, Lexie is nine years old- so awesome!) ago in Southern Cal.

I greatly enjoyed the afternoon in Nashville, now that spring is turning to fall, all of my favorite seasonal events are beginning in the heart of Music City.