It all started on a beautiful foggy morning in San Francisco, California. More specifically at the West Bluff Picnic Area of Crissy Field, with a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Albert gave me a warm greeting, as the guests began to arrive, and as we awaited Melisa's grand entrance. Since this was a public wedding, we were surrounded by people of all kinds. Volleyball players to our left, and little families with hot cocoa to our right, but it wasn't in the least bit chaotic, it was quite relaxing, and a nice change of pace from normal indoor weddings. 

Melisa arrived fashionably late with her maid of honor, and everyone got into place. The ceremony was short and sweet, but indeed beautiful. Following the ceremony, the real fun for me, began. Albert, Melisa & I walked away from the wedding party to capture some beautiful shots in front of the bridge, and down in the water. Despite the cold water, they both walked right into the water, followed by lots of kisses and laughter. 

Melisa is from Germany, and Albert is from America, and their wedding party was filled with other beautiful ethnicities- a splendid treat for me, as always! I do love culture, and people from far away lands with beautiful diverse accents. 

The remainder of our time together, I capture the bouquet toss, beautiful speeches, and as you'll see in the last images- a face full of cake. 

I hope you enjoy their wedding photos!