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Samary Plantation, Eagleville, Tennessee Maternity Session // Duke Family

Samary Plantation, Eagleville, Tennessee Maternity Session // Duke Family

Samary Plantation in Eagleville, Tennessee truly carries the meaning of "Southern Charm", and honestly the entire acreage is full of countless little nooks & wide open fields to capture some of the most stunning images! The hills and beautifully maintained land, along with each different & unique building, only to top the icing on the cake as I watched the peacful horses grazing in the fields. It's an understatement to say it made me swoon! However, nothing compared to how gorgeous Karyin, aka the soon-to-be-mama, was in her handmade, white flowy dress, showing off her perfect little baby bump. Samary Plantation is where Kayrin and her husband, Cody were married over a year ago, so naturally they wanted to go back to the place their love was sealed. And now, the fruit of their love has created a very-very-soon-to-arrive baby girl, to be named Adley Rae (isn't that precious?!). 

As we walked around the premises, and I began to direct Kayrin on posing, where to look, to smile with teeth or no teeth (lol), I realized this had to be one of the easiest sessions I'd ever directed. You could just see the love she already has for her little one, and love is inspirational. When you know what joy someone is about to experience, you can't help but be just overly-excited for them! As I thought back on just 4 months prior when I had my little girl, Josephina, I melted a bit inside. I began to channel the indescribable moment I met the greatest gift I've ever received, and when I held her tiny little body, wrapped oh so tightly in a swaddle, the ideas flooded me. It was effortless to capture photos evoking the feelings surrounding this amazing journey they've chosen as they graduate from Mr & Mrs to mom & dad. 

This session reignited my passion for maternity sessions, not that weddings aren't totally incredible, but being able to capture a mother carrying a little soul that she's been dreaming is nothing less than Holy. It is a joy for me to witness the purely beautiful image of a type of unconditional love that cannot be described in words, but rather living through the experience & occasionally, just maybe, through a photograph. :-) 

Please enjoy Cody & Kayrin's Maternity Session! 

P.S. Grab a tissue before watching the slideshow... It's a tear-jerker. 

Grab a tissue before watching The Duke's maternity session. The love that already exists for someone you've never seen nor heard is something almost inexplainable. It's powerfully beautiful, and overwhelmingly touching.