Q: Do you edit the photos?

A: Absolutely! In fact, I normally don't let anyone see them until I've culled through & finished editing them.


Q: Do you travel? 

A: YES. Y-E-S. Yes. I LOVE to travel. So much so, that I decided I want to give all my destination clients such a grand experience, depending on the circumstances, I will even offer to stay an extra day or two before the wedding to capture the couple at some beautiful locations. 

Q: Do you bring a second shooter? 


A: That's actually up to you. 


Q: How long have you been a photographer? 

A: WI became a professional at age 3, after being inducted to ell my mom, and two grandmothers were both into photography so I've always been around it, however I made it my profession in 2009.


Q: Why are you "so expensive"?

A: I'm not expensive. I'm amazing.

Not to be vain, but I would prefer to have a client who realizes I'm not expensive, I am valued.

I can recommend some amazing photographers who charge much less than me, just ask.

Q: Do you offer albums, prints, and wall art- such as canvases & framed photographs post photo shoot? 

A: YES! I LOVE to create art post wedding or portrait session. One of my favorite things to do.